We go global. Using products, communities, and cooperation as leverage, ONEROOT started the rocket plan and officially entered the 2.0 era of comprehensive and rapid development. ONEROOT will enter the global market and carry out ecological development. A series of important partners and major progress will be unveiled, so stay tuned!


ONEROOT Project brings together the tangible and intangible resources inside and outside the industry. In the process of optimizing and integrating resources, ONEROOT extends the idea of a shared economy and separates the right to use and the ownership of resources, and proposes the concept of a distributed business engine. With the help of blockchain technology, the co-builders can digitize the right to use resources, including software, hardware, manpower, etc., and establish transparent value exchange and cooperation rules, which greatly improve the resource utilization efficiency. In addition, participants have established a new cooperative relationship based on equal cooperation and common development, which has significant advantages compared with the traditional business model dominated by centralized entities.

Professional and objective Due diligence and quantitative multi-dimensional rating model make the reports more professional and the rating results more objective and fair.

Convenient and reliable Decentralized transactions, transparent and secure orders matching, and optimized trading experience ensure that transactions are made at the best price in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Multi-functional OneRoot Network’s complete functionality provides one-stop digital asset services.

ROOTREX A safe, transparent and easy-to-use decentralized exchange

Smart contract transaction All transactions are completed through Ethereum Smart Contract, which is fully transparent and highly safe.

Low cost Placing an order costs nothing except Ethereum network fees, and a 50% of the trade fees can be earned when the transaction is done.

Optimized The transactions are made at the best price available, and multiple contract bulk trading is supported.

Convenient and easy-to-use Friendly interface, no need for registration, and tokens can be withdrawn to the wallet at any time without limit. Transactions have never been easier.

ONEROOT Foundation

In adherence to the win-win philosophy, ONEROOT calls upon participants to co-build a shared economy ecosystem suited to the characteristics of blockchain development. The Foundation has set up an incubation fund to help teams work on their ideas while providing other resource.

The operation of the fund is solely under the responsibility of the ONEROOT Foundation. All projects and teams that wish to join the project can apply to the Foundation.After the review is approved, funding will be carried out according to the assessment results and project progress. Email us for questions and suggestions.

ONEROOT Project looks forward to working with you to create a better future!

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